Leak Detection

Stop flooding before it happens!

A water heater leak or a leak coming from another appliance can lead to flooding that causes damage to your home or commercial property. You can avoid this problem by investing in a leak detection device, which can help prevent flooding from occurring. Here’s how it works: as soon as your water heater or other appliance begins to leak, this device detects the issue and then cuts off the appliance’s water supply. Our team at Mr. Water Heater can help you choose the right water leak sensor and get it installed! We serve customers throughout the Lower Mainland.

Water heater leak detection devices are convenient because of their:

  • Small size
  • Fast installation
  • Flooding and water damage prevention

When you have a water leak sensor in your home, you benefit from additional peace of mind when you are away from home for long hours, or when you are on vacation and unable to check on your water heater. Contact us at 778.355.5556 so we can help you get your detection device up and running!

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